The HAF (Hispano Americana de Fertilizantes) brand was born in 2002 with the aim of promoting professionalized American extensive agriculture. In this same year, the first subsidiary of Grupo Iñesta Latam was born, to support all Latin America.




At HAF, we combine a long tradition in the development of products capable of increasing the vigour and quantity of the harvest, with the most innovative techniques, which has allowed us to expand to the Asian and African continents.

We put at the disposal of the agricultural professional the best fertilization formulas, designed, and produced by a highly qualified human team, in our state-of-the-art laboratory. Thanks to the vocation for detail, we can cover from the most universal to the most specific needs, offering the best solutions for efficient and productive agriculture that provides the greatest profitability to the farmer.

Our solutions

HAF solutions include nutritional products, biostimulants, anti-stress and Self-defence inducers (zero residue) for sustainable agriculture.

With HAF, present throughout Latin America, Asia, and Africa, we cover all types of crops, adapting to any microclimate or special need.